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Sweet Love Letters For Girlfriend

How to Write a Romantic Love Letter for Your Girlfriend or Wife? Your search ends here; we have tips and sample of short and cute love letters for girlfriend that will melt her heart.

Girls always like to hear and read romantic things; romantic love letters are something which can melt their heart. They love the idea of expressing love and the romantic words from the depth of heart. It makes them feel special and loved.

Love letters are the best way to express your feelings for your girlfriend or wife. Romantic love letters to girlfriend are like a present to her. It is easier to express your feelings in love Letters and it is more effective also.

When writing a love letter to your girlfriend express your heartfelt feelings and let her know her importance in your life. Tell her what you feel about her and how she is always in your thoughts. Tell her all your dreams and future plans which you have thought with her.

Love letters for girlfriend
Love letters are good for those lovers also who are not very vocal about expressing their feelings. They can opt for writing a letter to the girlfriend with their heartfelt feelings. If you feel it hard to write a love letter don’t worry we have crafted some amazing love letters to girlfriend you can make these love letters your own.

Sweet Love Letters For Girlfriend

Dear Sweetheart,

You made my life so beautiful and wonderful. My life has totally changed after you entered in my life. With you I understood the real meaning of love and your love and care make me feel so special. You are the most beautiful girl on the earth, you are my dream girl.

When I look at you I ask God what I did to deserve a girl like you. Sometimes I feel you are my soul mate from my last birth and we were destined to meet. I took birth on this earth only to reunite with you. Now we found each other I don’t want anything else. you are my dream and you are my life.

Love you a lot.

Your Darling
Sanjay Mitra

amazing love letters to girlfriend

Emotional Love Letter To Girlfriend

My dear Baby,

I never thought I would ever taste the true love, and one fine day you entered in my life. After that, I came to know the real meaning of love. You are the person I have been waiting for and dreaming about my entire life. You are very precious and wonderful gift from heaven.

Now I am so happy to have you as my soul mate in my life. I promise to cherish your love all my life, until my last breath. I will take care of you, through good and bad. With you everything is beautiful, with you everything is possible just to be with me. You are the only one for me.

Love you so much, darling.

Your Darling

Sweetest love letter for your girlfriend

Deep Love Letters For Her

My love ……..

It is impossible to tell you how much I love you but I can tell you one thing my love for you has no limit, boundaries and it is infinite. You are the most important and most precious among everything I have.

You are a Goddess form the heaven I adore you from the core of my heart. You made my life so wonderful and brought immense joy to me. You are so beautiful your rosy lips and deep dark eyes make me fall in love with you every time I see you. Your lovely smile and soft touch is intriguing. I just want to spend every moment of my life with you.

I love you with all my heart!

Yours forever,


Sweet Love Letters To Girlfriend

My love,

I am writing this letter to you to tell you that without you my Life is nothing. It is totally lonely and sad; my life is not the same without you. I have realized now only with you I feel alive and cheerful.

I always miss all the good time we have spent together; those were the precious moments of my life. It is not possible for me to live without you. I miss and love you a lot. I can’t live without you. Please give me another chance.

I request you to please forgive me and come back. I promise I will never hurt you again; I shall be waiting for you till my last breath.

You are my life, you are my soul, you are my love!

Yours truly,

Emotional love letter to girlfriend

Short  Love Letter For Girlfriend

Dear Honey,

May this wonderful day bring you lot’s of joy and happiness and deliver you my kisses and fondness. I want to express my feelings for you through this letter, you have been my inspiration. Whatever I am today it is all because of you, I cannot think of a life without you. You are the most precious gift I have ever received and you add value to my life.

I feel myself very lucky to win your heart and I want to say that I owe my life to you. You taught me how to live and enjoy life fully. Your love has locked up my heart and captured my spirit. Only with you, I feel myself complete, for me there is no life without you. Thanks for being my life & love!

Yours truly,

We hope you will love these Love letters for girlfriend and these letters will help you to express your feelings. Remember expression of love is important, never miss a chance to say I Love You!

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