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A Love Letter For My Crush

Are you looking for the best Love letter for my crush? Read heartfelt romantic words for a crush.


Love letter for my crush

Hi Crush,

Thank you very much for existing. My life was somewhat meaningless then one day you came as a shining light in my life. Ever since everything has changed in my life for good. I don’t even care if we actually hook up or not but it is so wonderful to know somebody like you.

I admit that I don’t know you that well, but first time when I saw you I just could not take my eyes off your face. My heart whispered that you are the one, now it is almost impossible to take out you from my imagination and fantasies. In my imagination I have created a pretty love story with you going out, having picnics, listing romantic songs, kissing under trees. My heart says that you could be this person.

You know crushes are a wonderful thing because you never plan them it just happens. It is true feeling and you feel like a child with excitement and wonder. Sometimes crush changes into love and you don’t even know it. You may have no idea that just sitting there being so cute not even aware of the joy you’ve been giving me. I am writing this to find out do you feel the same way about me also?

Now I am in a great dilemma, I have a crush on you and don’t know what should I do? Should I ask your number, and feel miserable until you finally text me? Sometimes I feel its fun to just have the crush because you can have fantasies but Sometimes it is very troubling also. But now you gave a new meaning to my every morning and I feel happier and silly. You add so many brighter colors to my life.

If you also feel same then I will be the luckiest person on the earth otherwise I’m going to keep you as my dream person. You’ll be the crush who will never be able to crush me


Your Crush

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