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How To Be Happy

Are you in the rat race? Are you so focused on your aims and dreams that you become almost a robot and forgot to enjoy your daily life?


Do you want to know how to be happy?


How to be happy: If you are also like most of the people who are burning themselves to achieve something big, you could be falling into a trap. The real achievement is becoming happy, what if all the aims and successes after which you running is just hollow. Most people feel the reality after achieving something big for which they forget everything is not the real happiness. Remember your aim should be enjoying every moment of your life with small things not toiling yourself for big things and attaining nothing in the last.

How to be happy – the dilemma

We all dream for a good job, a big house and car, huge flat screen television and other wonderful things. We start working hard and toiling our selves for years to achieve these things. Sometimes we get success and sometimes we don’t but in this process, we forget and neglect the small happiness and joys of the life. Say, if it takes 20 years to achieve all these things and in this period we have missed lots of small happiness and there still there is no guaranty you will achieve all these things or after getting everything you will be happy. I know quite a few rich people who are more miserable than you could ever imagine.

Does it mean we should not have dreams or we should work hard, yes you absolutely, should have many dreams and work hard to achieve them. But in this process, you must not forget to enjoy your life and overlook daily pleasures which life offers you. You need to make a balance this is the most important thing.


How to be happy


Abraham Lincoln said, “People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Never make this mistake that after achieving your dreams in future you will be happy. Happiness is state of mind only. People with limited resources are far happier than who has everything, but happiness.

How to be happy – wealth and success won’t do it

No amount of material wealth and success can bring you happiness. The grass is always greener the other side. People pay a big price to achieve their dreams and aims and ultimately become frustrated and disappointed when they realize in this process what they have lost and missed.

It is important to have a dream and pursue it but you need to know to enjoy the journey. Remember you are doing all this to get happiness and if in the end, you are not happy then there is no use to tailing yourself.

How to be happy – the conclusion

Frederick Keonig said: “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” So appreciate what you have, dream big but don’t forget to live and enjoy that is the mantra to How to be happy.

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