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How to Propose A Girl-Romantic & Memorable Way

Are you deeply in love with a girl and confused about how to propose a girl? Do not worry; here we have the help and best tips just for you. Read this article to find some of the best tips on how to propose a girl.

So you’ve finally found the girl of your dreams and your soul mate; and now the most important part how to propose a girl to be your girlfriend? Remember 99% of boys feel the same kind of nervousness. Yes, Proposing to a girl is a big deal because after that your life is going to change totally. So, you must do it right and in a special way so your lady love remembers it forever.

We have some time tested tips that will surely help you in proposing the girl of your dream. Almost every girl dreams a romantic and special kind of proposal. This stress out most of the guys because they are not that creative or just lag in the romance department.

How to propose a girl

Kneeling down with roses and proposing with a ring is little ordinary, now you have to little more creative. So you need to plan everything like what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say.

Remember that girls are different from boys and not only this they are different from each other too. Girls are very sensitive but mostly girls are romantic by heart. So, you need to propose according to her temperament.

Read the below given wonderful tips and unique ways of proposing a girl. We are sure it will help you to make your proposal special and help you to get your dream girl.

Romantic Tips On How To Propose A Girl


Romantic Tips On How To Propose A Girl

The Golden Rule-Be Yourself

Just be yourself, remember she loves you the way you are it is your USP and uniqueness. So don’t overdo things, you can still make your proposal sweet and special even keeping it simple. So if you are usually quiet and composed guy don’t overdo anything with your proposal. But it doesn’t mean that you should not try a new idea or something different.

Know Your Girl -Propose Accordingly

Every human being is different and has different likings and disliking so does your girlfriend. You must know about her views, hobbies and likings it will help you to plan a wonderful proposal. Some girls may like traditional way while some girls are more adventures. If your girl is little old fashioned or simple you can kneel down and tell those three magical words that she wants to hear from you.

Make Some Special Plans

Plan something very romantic you can visit the place where you two met the first time and recreate the scene. Recall all the beautiful memories from the beginning to present moment and now propose her she will get moved and will say yes to you.

You can take your girl to her favorite place for a romantic dinner arrange her favorite music. Order all her favorite dishes and then propose her with flowers and ring.

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How to propose your girlfriendVisit Her Favorite Spot

There may be some favorite spot or place you both wanted to go or talked about. Plan a trip to that place and in that lovely environment, you can propose her.

Create A Romantic Moment

99% of people love romantic proposal so, create romantic moments for your girl. Proposing at a beach when the sun is just going to set creates magical moments. So drive her to the beach playing some romantic and soft music. Make her feel very special with your sweet lines and propose her.

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Special Candle Light Dinner

This is the most popular among lovers and an excellent option for proposing to your girlfriend. You can make it more special with your creativity. You can have this at your home or any romantic place also. Set the stage with extra special dinner, candle lights and some soft romantic music in the background. Make her feel very special then in such romantic moment ask her hand in the marriage.

Buy A Special Gift For Her

It goes without saying you need a charming ring when you ask her ‘Will you marry me?’ Buy a beautiful ring. Your ring conveys your message of love in the most beautiful way. You must buy a bunch of red roses and some other special Gift.

Simple Is Also Sweet

Remember simple is also sweet, you can still win your girl’s heart. As discussed you must know your girl fully to plan your proposal accordingly. Just try what your guts are saying and follow your heart.
You must show she is the best thing that ever happened to you. Be little creative, but make sure not to look fake. speak from your heart and Just be yourself.

How To Propose A Girl-A Unique Way

How To Propose A Girl-A Unique Way

Propose Her During A Rigged Movie Break

This is a romantic and very unique way to propose, make a short film or edit some short movie and put your recorded proposal in video form in that movie. Talk exciting things about the movie and she will be curious to watch the movie. Make the environment little romantic while watching the movie and just see her reaction. She is definitely Going to love this and say yes.

Marry Me T-Shirt!

This is another cute way to propose your dream girl, buy a T-shirt printed with “Will You Marry Me?” or get these words printed on a T-shirt. Now wear your T-shirt under your jacket or some other dress. Take her to some romantic place and get down on one knee and show her the magical worlds. Its super romantic and it’ll make her melt. She will definitely say yes.

Pick A Special Day

If you want to make your proposal special the one cute way is to select a special day which has special meaning to both of you. Girls always like Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas Day, etc.

It is the best way to establish meaning to your special day which you both love. By this way, the day will become more special when proposing to your girlfriend. Remember a strong relationship needs commitment, passion, love and trust between two people.

Silliness In A Box

This one also very cute you need to hide the ring in a beautiful small box. To execute your plan properly you need little help from your friends and family. The friends or the family will help her to find and open this big box without getting her suspicious. Now when she unwraps it and finds the ring with the message marry me Kneel down to say the magical words.

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We hope that our tips on How to propose a girl will help you to get the love of your life. However, our suggestion is do not hurry, first make sure she loves you. You must analyze your relationship and you will get the indications. Once you are sure then go ahead and tell her what you have in your heart for her. Share your experiences, views, and suggestions with us in the comment section. We love to hear from you. Best of Luck!

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